Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wolters, Chase Taylor (28 Jul 1994 - 23 Oct 2016) [51033:L].

Wolters, Chase Taylor (28 Jul 1994 - 23 Oct 2016) [51033:L] [fb].
Son of Wolters, Ashley J. (28 Oct 1971 - ) [48668:L] [fb].
Son of Davidson, Becki (Wolters) ( - ) [49379:L] [fb*].
Grandson of Scroggins, Sally Lynn (Wolters) (11 Jul 1950 - ) [26551:L] [fb*].
GoFundMe, Chase Wolters Memorial Fund [27 Oct 2016]
Facebook, Becki Davidson Wolters shared 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV's video.
(Updated 26 Oct 2016)

Becki Davidson Wolters shared 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV's video.Dear Friends Our family suffered a terrible tragedy and loss late Sunday night. Our oldest son, Chase Wolters, was killed in a fiery car crash very near to our home on La Cresta Rd., in the community of Crest. Ashley and I were notified right away, and we stood at the top of the hill looking down for nearly 5 hours as crews worked. Many dear friends surrounded us. Chase did not suffer, although we are suffering greatly right now. There will be a Candle Light Vigil tonight (Wednesday) at Nancy Jane Park in Crest, 92021, from 7-8pm, with visiting and refreshments in the Community Club House after. My Husband Ashley's birthday is this Friday. We will not hold Chase's Memorial Service until next Friday or Saturday, November 4th or 5th. We THANK YOU for the Incredible outpouring of Love and Service to our family, as well as so many heartfelt prayers on our behalf. We can feel your love for us, and your love for Chase. We welcome you to be with us. Please Please share your pictures and Memories of Chase with us We LOVE you and Thank You. Ashley Wolters [48668:L] [fb]., Becki Davidson Wolters [49379:L] [fb*], Katarina Wolters [51080:L], Bailey [51081:L] and Dillon [51082:L].

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