Monday, May 31, 2004

Mrs. Tina Luann Scroggins Kennedy

ca. 1959 - 31 May 2004 [41011]

Resident of King City, CA

Obituary (brief): Tulsa World, Tulsa, OK, 3 Jun 2004

[SSDI: Tina L. Kennedy]

(updated 12 Nov 2004)

Mrs. Tina Luann Scroggins Kennedy

ca. 1959 - 31 May 2004 [41011]

Resident of King City, CA

Obituary (brief): Tulsa World, Tulsa, OK, 3 Jun 2004

[SSDI: Tina L. Kennedy]

(updated 12 Nov 2004)

Friday, May 21, 2004

Birth: Son, Traci & Brian Scroggins

Greensboro News & Record (NC), 30 May 2004

Guilford County Public Records


May 21, 2004

Traci and Brian Scroggins, High Point, a boy

Article Bookmark(OpenURL Compliant):GUILFORD COUNTY PUBLIC RECORDS (Greensboro News & Record (NC), May 30, 2004) [Link]

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Death: Rev. Clarence E. Scroggins, Sr.

31 Jan 1927 - 19 May 2004 [40805]●

Resident of Kansas City, MO

Son of John Scroggins (40981)

Obituary: Kansas City Call, Kansas City, MO, 28 May 2004

Obituary (brief): Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO, 24 May 2004 [NewsBank] [NewsBank] [Legacy]

[SSDI:Clarence E. Scroggins]

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Death: Pearl Ruth Scroggins

6 Sep 1916 - 18 May 2004 [40776][8]

Resident of New Plymouth, ID

Obituary: Idaho Statesman, Boise, ID [NewsBank]

[SSDI: Pearl R. Scroggins]

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Friday, May 14, 2004

Scroggins, Dietrah LaJean Steele (17 Oct 1946 - 14 May 2004) [40807:&].

Scroggins, Dietrah LaJean Steele (17 Oct 1946 - 14 May 2004) [40807:&] [FaG:147292948]
Wife of Scroggins, Henry N., Jr. (21 Jan 1936 - 4 Nov 2016) [40809:&].
Sacramento Bee, Dietrah LaJean Scroggins, 26 May 2004 [Legacy]
Find A Grave, Dietrah Lajean Scroggins, 1 Jun 2015 [9 Nov 2016]
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Death: Mrs. Mary Magdalene Scroggins Newman

26 Oct 1924 - 11 May 2004 [29702][8]

Resident of Jay, OK, widow of Clarence Dennis Scroggins [29698]

Obituary: Grove Sun Daily, Grove, OK, ca. 12 May 2004

Obituary (brief):, n.d., [ObitReg]

[SSDI: Mary M. Scroggins]

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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Death: Mrs. Marguerite Virginia Chapman Scroggins

14 Aug 1907 - 8 May 2004 [37035][K]

Resident of Mount Holly, AR

Widow of Thomas Lee Scroggins [35892]

Aunt & adoptive mother of Claude Guy 'Kris' Scroggins [37033]

Obituary:, n.d. [ObitReg]

[SSDI: Marguerite V. Scroggins]

(Widow of a 2nd Great-Grandson of Humphrey Scroggin II (D22) (Ross) [2034])

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Friday, May 07, 2004

David Scroggins


Resident of Buena Vista Township, MI

News: Saginaw News, Saginaw, MI, 7 May 2004

   House fire

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Monday, May 03, 2004

Death: Mrs. Avo G. Smith Scroggins

19 Dec 1915 - 3 May 2004 [1793]

Resident of Upland, CA

Widow of Aubrey James Scroggins [1792]

[SSDI: Avo G. Scroggins]

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Mrs.Mae Ollie Scroggins, Grayson

27 Aug 1917 - 2 May 2004 [0]

Resident of Okmulgee, OK, daughter of Joe Scroggins [0]

Obituary: Okmulgee Daily Times, Okmulgee, OK, week of 4-9 May 2004

(added 26 Jul 2004)

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Doyle J. Scroggins [13716]

Horseman's Roundup, Vilonia, AR, May 2004
"Trail Bosses
If you're interested in joining a group ride, these guys can show you the way."
By Lisa Broadwater

Doyle Scroggins at the Bar OF Ranch
He may hesitate to call himself a cowboy, but if you've ever met Doyle Scroggins — or visited his Scotland home, which boasts enough cowboy memorabilia to outfit a small museum — you wouldn't.

Raised on a 400-acre cattle ranch in Van Buren County about seven miles west of Scotland, Scroggins grew up riding Quarter horses and working cattle.
"My dad always kept good horses," he recalls. "I have a picture when I'm about 12 years old on a horse; that was supposedly my first one. It just went from there."

After attending college at the University of Central Arkansas, Scroggins headed to Texas for awhile, but found his way back to Arkansas in the '70s, opening a barber shop in North Little Rock and running his own cattle operation in Scotland on the side. Eventually, the cattle business won out — he wound up with 150 to 160 pairs of Hereford cows and calves, which he ran on 1,200 adjacent acres that he leased.

If you've ever attended the pre-race festivities of the National Championship Chuckwagon Races in Clinton, you've probably run across Scroggins. For more than a decade, he has led group trail rides there (he was friends with Chuckwagon Race founder Dan Eoff even before Eoff got into ranching). Last year, 178 people rode from the Bar OF ranch into Clinton to the city park, where they ate barbecue before riding back to the ranch.

Scroggins also hosts three rides for the Arkansas Trail Riders Association each year at his Scotland ranch (one in May, one in early fall and one in December).

When he first began trail riding, it was strictly a recreational thing.

"I started out just riding on the ranch, and then of course you like people to go with you so you invite friends to come ride with you," he says.

He got more serious when he retired in 1998.

"My property joins Game & Fish Commission land, which joins the National Forest. So I can ride to Oklahoma, nearly," he says with a laugh. "And when it's not a specific hunting season, Game & Fish will give me permission to ride on their grounds."

Beginning in March, Scroggins will be guiding monthly rides at the Bar OF (which is just down the road from his own place). From March through July and in October and November, the Bar OF will be open to guests from Thursday night through Sunday morning on the second weekend of the month (August and September will be closed because of preparations for the chuckwagon races).

For $5 per day, you take join a daylong ride on Eoff's scenic ranch. For another $5 a day, you can camp out on the grounds (for another $3, you can have electric or water provided for your camper). Although you're responsible for managing your own horse, if you need corral panels, you can rent them for $1 each.

As you can see, this isn't exactly a high-dollar, money-making proposition.
"The whole thing is kind of just to have fun and use the ranch and use the trails," Scroggins explains. "The Bar OF Ranch is a pretty nice ranch, and horsepeople are always saying, 'Won't you let us come ride?' Well, it's a working ranch, so you couldn't really do that without it being scheduled. So Dan asked me if I would organize and lead the first of it, and see how it works."

The plan, Scroggins says, is to head out at 10 o'clock each Friday and Saturday morning then return by 2:30 or so. In the evenings, the Bar OF's covered arena will be open for horse games from 6:30 to about 8:30.

"We're not sure what kind of games yet," Scroggins says, "we're just gonna do something with the horses and let people have fun and laugh at each other and have a good time. When the weather will let us, we'll try to have a campfire place. That's why we're having horse games — so everybody can gather together."

There's no limit to the number of participants and no need to call in advance.
"We're not really taking reservations or booking as such; people can just show up," Scroggins says. "The way we're operatin' is, just whoever comes, we're gonna take 'em ridin'."

Folks couldn't ask for a better guide than Scroggins — he knows this country intimately.

"I've pretty much ridden it all," he says.

He's been scouting trails for the last month or so. His idea of the ideal trail: "I like a woods trail; I don't like to ride service roads. I like an old loggin' road that's already in the woods, if I can find it. And they usually switch back and forth along some hills, and about all you have to do then is trim the bushes so they don't knock your hat off. There's some steep places but they're not real dangerous or anything."

Scroggins is organizing four different rides at Bar OF so guests can ride both Friday and Saturday, on a different trail each time. And everyone, from beginner to trail expert, is welcome.

"I think anybody who likes to rides horses and trail ride will have a good time," Scroggins says. "We'll try to see that they do. We try to present the trails in a manner that just about nearly anybody can do it."

Don't expect a lot of trail rules, however.

"It's better not to have a bunch of rules;" Scroggins says; "that way you don't have any to break. Mostly, we just ask people to act considerate and have a good time. To me, it's just 'Act in a manner that won't hurt anybody or disturb anybody else's riding. Follow the cowboy code — take care of your horse and take care of each other.' "
And be prepared.

"One of the most common mistakes people make is they don't have their horses in shape," Scroggins says. "They're not fit enough, and in spring, for example, they'll bring them out and want to go on an all-day ride and the horse is really not fit; he's been standing up all winter."

What Scroggins most enjoys about group trail riding, he says, is the camaraderie.
"I like to be a part of somethin' Western; and as long as people are having a good time and ridin' good horses, it's a lot of fun," he adds. "I enjoy doing it, and I'm fortunate that I can — that I live in a place where I can and I'm physically able and have the means to do it."

For more information about the Bar OF guided trail rides, call Scroggins at (501) 592-3987 or (501) 454-8388 or email

News: Doyle J. Scroggins

Horseman's Roundup, Vilonia, AR, May 2004