Thursday, May 18, 1995

Scroggins, Lawrence (5 Jun 1921 - 15 May 1995) [32282:K] [HS:4218].

Scroggins, Lawrence (5 Jun 1921 - 15 May 1995) [32282:K] [HS:4218].
Son of Scroggins, Jesse Lee (28 Jun 1890 - 23 Apr 1968) [4864:K] [HS:G421].
Husband of Scroggins, Eva Marie Allen (9 Feb 1921 - 26 May 2001) [32250:K].
Oregon Times Observer,  Lawrence Scroggins, 18 May 1995
(Updated 2 Jun 2015).

Tuesday, May 16, 1995

SCROGGINS, Brad and Teresa

Herald & Review (Decatur, IL)-May 16, 1995
Central Illinois Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, Coles County

LYE, Stephen and Kathie, Paris, boy, May 16.

BELL, Jon and Lynette, Mattoon, boy, May 16.

St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital, Effingham

JIMSON, Kevin and Michele, Effingham, girl, May 16.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Lincoln

SANDERS, Anthony and Angela, Lincoln, girl, May 16.

St. Vincent Memorial Hospital Taylorville

MORRELL, Shana, Moweaqua, girl, May 16.


Decatur Memorial Hospital

MILLS, Corey and Shanica McWilliams, Decatur, girl, May 13.

PARKHURST, Troy and Michal Jeanine (Huskey), Decatur, boy, May 12.

GADBERRY, Sean and Nancy (Dill), Decatur, boy, May 12.

FISHER, Jason and Heidi Dianne Foster, Decatur, girl, May 11.

St. Mary's Hospital

JOHNSON, Takneesha, Decatur, boy, May 13.

BAYLESS, Brian and Michelle (Gessaman), Decatur, boy, May 13.

MILLER, Kent and Meany (Howell), Assumption, boy, May 13.

AKERS, Christopher and Krista (Alexander), Decatur, boy, May 13.

LUDWICK, Jeffrey and Terri (Henneman), Decatur, boy, May 12.

SCROGGINS, Brad and Teresa, Pana, girl, May 12.

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