Monday, October 24, 2005

Lana Lee Scroggins

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Star Press, The (Muncie, IN)
August 24, 2005
Author: Staff
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Martin B. Arthur, 48, 8609 E. Jackson St., Selma, and Lana Jean Atkinson, 48, same address.

Chuck Balderas, 21, 2515 W. Jackson St., and Amber R. Phillips, 19, same address.

Hosea L. Barnes, 33, 3524 N. Milton Ave., and Sarah Renee Starr, 27, same address.

Douglas Kirk Brosher Jr., 26, 3009 Chestefield, and Kimberly Renee Kingen, 22, same address.

Cornell Butler Jr., 16, 1621 S. Jefferson St., and Amy Clark, 17, 2410 S. Mulberry St.

Roger W. Campbell, 32, 9690 E. Delaware County Road 500-N, Albany, and Jennifer J. Goss, 34, 2816 S. Monroe St.

Adam M. Chalfant, 26, 2800 W. Delaware County Road 1200-N, and Heather Lynn Green, 30, 1605 W. 15th St.

Jason Andrew Davis, 23, 2905 W. Main St., and Laura Katharine Brown, 22, 609 Cherrywood Lane.

Michael John Everett, 23, 1000 W. University Ave., and Patricia Carrie Atwater, 22, same address.

Tyler Van Ewing, 27, 5421 N. Vista View Drive, and Mary Jennifer Circle, 28, same address.

Sean Frederic Ferratt, 28, Cypress, Texas, and Amanda Nicole Bonfitto, 26, same address.

Aaron Tood Franklin, 22, 1513 N. Thorntree, and Ashley S. Brown, 21, 5391 W. Delaware County Road 400-S.

Marcus Donita Garmon, 23, 1707 S. Elm St., and Estelle S. Childress, 28, same address.

Randall Eugene Gleeson, 43, 205 S. Center St., Gaston, and Katina Michelle Elliott, 33, same address.

Raymond Francis Gobernatz, 26, 8990 S. Delaware County Road 600-W, and Breanna Koren May Sprunger, same address.

Jonathan Melvin Greene, 28, 2901 Cornbread Road, and Valdora Sue Johnson, 30, same address.

Matthew N. Grindstaff, 26, 1306 N. Ridge Road, and Kara J. Ingram, 24, 504 S. Albany St., Selma.

Nicholas Allen Harrold, 25, 13221 W. Delaware County Road 1050-N, Gaston, and Barbra Leann Snyder, 29, same address.

George L. Horning, 61, 1909 N. Petty Road, and Lana Lee Scroggins, 52, 1306 N. Ridge Road."

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